Ask the Author

Q. How did you become an author?

A while ago I spent three years studying and getting up early to write essays. I promised myself that when I’d finished, I’d write something for fun!

Q. What do you like about writing?

It’s great to make up characters, drop them into odd situations and see what they do next. Some characters are easy to write – and others take quite a while to come to life. 

Q. How do you draw your characters?

I start off with a sketch which I scan into my computer. Then I mess around on screen to get ideas and draw my favourite one out.

Q. Which character is your favourite?

It’s  usually whichever one I’m working on at the time – though I do have a very soft spot for Hamish the mouse.

Q. What kinds of books do you like reading?

I like all kinds of stories – adventure and sci-fi and folk tales and fantasy – but best of all I like books with humour.