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Cats have been around for ages! They were kept as pets in Ancient Egypt, but may have lived in the Near East 10,000  years ago!

Click Why did the cat try to fly after watching a Superman film?

He was a copy cat!

Cats noses are more sensitive to smells than humans. Most cats like the smell of fish and catnip, and some even like shampoo! They don’t like lemons, oranges and strong spices.

What’s are Lobblelump’s favourite films?

Beauty and the Cat, Cattington, Cat Story 3, Home Alone Cat, Snow White and the seven Cats.

Cats’ eyes need only a sixth of the light that human eyes do to see and they can twist their heads so they can see 300 degrees around them.

Where do cats go on school outings?

To the MEWSeum

There are lots of great poems about cats, like ‘Macavity the Mystery Cat’ & ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ – or why not make up your own.


Which colour do cats like best?


The favourite cats in the U.K are tabbies!