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I love books that play with ideas and make people laugh. For my first ‘Zoe’ book, ‘Zoe and the Very Grumpy Witch’, I gave Savoy, the grumpy teenage witch, her own witchy language – she uses words like, ‘golumphing goggleblasters’, ‘pongdongy yuckbuckets’ and ‘I’ll be collifloddled’. She also has a bad cold, a nasty temper, a funny smell and a contract to scare – she’s definitely not someone you’d want to sit next to on a bus – or anywhere really! Zoe is horrified when Savoy turns up in her bedroom – but how can she persuade the witch – and her interfering mouse, Hamish, to go away?

My first books have arrived - an exciting day!

Zoe and the Very Grumpy Witch is available from:

Hunting Raven/Winstones Books 


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